Voyager Magazine 2014 Issue 6

Childhood was not easy for Melanie Levitz.  Her parents went through some very troubling experiences, including divorce, drug use and brushes with law enforcement.  Melanie helped her mother through years of addiction, and she was able to fight through it and never gave up.  She concentrated on school and rose above her circumstances by joining the United States Air Force (USAF). After joining the USAF in 2001, Melanie was stationed in Tucson, Arizona where she spent the first four years of her military career. When she received orders to go to Korea, she began the travel she longed for.

Introduced to WorldVentures in 2010, Melanie discovered the opportunity through a friend in the Air Force. To Melanie, WorldVentures has been a blessing she never imagined possible. Today, she flies to destinations across the world and helps others believe that they can also build a time-free lifestyle.

Melanie says she doesn’t consider WorldVentures as “work” because she truly loves sharing WorldVentures with others. She enjoys helping others achieve their dreams and goals. “As Confucius says, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Melanie says. When she shares WorldVentures with others, she never has to do it alone because she always has the help of her mentors as resources.

After attending her first WorldVentures national event, Melanie truly valued the integrity and culture of the company. Events are Melanie’s favorite part of the business. “Reps from all over the world come together to inspire each other and learn from the best of the best,” she says.  “It feels like a family reunion—you get to see the people who mean the most to you at least four times a year.”

Training, DreamTrips, and the DreamTrips Local Lifestyle are Melanie’s most valuable tools to recruit and retain Reps and members.  She is able to provide her team with belief in themselves so they can attain their goals with WorldVentures. When Melanie first joined WorldVentures, she expected to make enough to help pay off her credit card debt.  Little did she know that she had found in WorldVentures the vehicle that would help her realize her dreams.  All she had to do was hit the gas pedal and start her new journey.  Melanie’s faith and relationship with God lead her in the direction to achieve her aspirations. She believes that whatever she sets her mind to will come with taking action. To Melanie, this means living life to its fullest potential.

Melanie’s strategy for the future includes attending events and surrounding herself with positive people who have similar goals. Her personal team goal is to help others achieve their goals. “Your mindset is key,” Melanie says. “If you believe, you can achieve. Once you believe, nothing will get in the way of your dreams and goals.”

by Jon Medina

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Melanie Levitz grew up in S. Florida, learning all things ‘not’ to do. She wanted something different, so shortly after high school, she joined the military. During her military career, a friend introduced her to a home-based business that changed her life.

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