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Imagine a seagull’s flight above the Destin Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island, Florida, and you’re likely to find National Marketing Director Melanie Levitz walking in the afternoon sun.  This sugar-white beach is her favorite in all the world.  Melanie retired herself here at the age of 31, thanks to Worldventures.

Of course, this life is a far cry from the 20-year career in the United States Air Force that she had planned.  More importantly, Melanie is a very different woman than she would have been after retiring.  The life of a soldier does offer an opportunity for advancement, travel, and service —benefits that drew Melanie to enlist.  Said another way, she was looking for a life of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

Consequently, it’s no coincidence that WorldVentures’ No. 1 Core Value resonates with her the most.  “I feel like life is supposed to be fun, and we’re creating freedom, which, in turn, fulfills people’s dreams and goals,” Melanie says.

Melanie was stationed in Barksdale, Louisiana, when a fellow airman, Air Force Major introduced her to WorldVentures.  She fell in love with it right away and jumped into training.

“I had hope for the first time in my life that an average person like me could be successful with a concept like this.”

Today, she has embraced the life of a WorldVentures Representative to its fullest — unencumbered by the difference between work and play. Melanie acknowledges it takes a lot of work to build a successful business with WorldVentures. “It’s worth it!”, she says. In a few short years, consistency finally paid off, as it always does. Today she can fully appreciate what she has because of how far she’s come. In her words: “Fun in my life looks like spending time with family, friends and team members, doing things that we enjoy, mostly on the beaches of the world. It also happens at training events or even just in our living rooms — coming together and brainstorming for our future.”

And for Melanie, freedom has become a major part of her journey from the military to WorldVentures. “Freedom means to me being able to do what you want when you want, where you want, and who you want to do it with.” When she puts it that way, it’s difficult to fathom why anyone would settle for anything less.

People do settle, however, often due to a lack of finances — and if WorldVentures addressed only fun and freedom, it would still be a pretty amazing company.  But for Melanie, the third component of this value ties the other two together. “Fulfillment with WorldVentures, for me, provides things money can’t buy.  Money brings freedom and fulfills a lot of things, but what money can’t bring is the feeling of inspiring others.”

Resume your seabird’s view and perch on the railing beside Melanie as she stares across the Gulf of Mexico, a breeze stirring the sand at her feet. This woman has found her place in the world and a life that most people twice her age can only dream about. But she’s far from finished.  “I believe that I’ve never arrived. I’m always going to be learning and growing in one aspect of my life or another.” How providential for her to join a company she believes the same thing.

by Zac Garver

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