Voyager Magazine 2015 Issue 5

By age 5, South Florida-native Melanie Levitz was being raised by her mother, who was originally from Israel. She’d weekend with her father, who hailed from upstate New York. Both parents were extremely independent, and Levitz knew she’d inherited that trait. Growing up around arguments and drug addiction, Levitz quickly decided what she didn’t want in life.

“My sister was born when I was 14, and I had to become a second mother to her, as her father was not in the picture,” Melanie recalls. “I realized that I wanted to become the inspiration for her to look up to, and at that point I decided to enroll in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school. While attending, I knew that the military would be my route for success and to travel the world — fulfilling a dream of mine.”

After high school, Melanie joined the U.S. Air Force, specializing in Aviation Resource Management. “The military taught me how to be a leader and a supervisor, she says of her 12 years of active duty service. “I experienced a taste of what it’s like to travel and to live among different cultures.  The structure I was taught in the Air Force prepared my mindset to follow direction. In WorldVentures, we always teach ‘If you want what someone has, just go do what they did.’ I always asked questions and looked for guidance on how to improve and become great.”

Mission accomplished. After five years with WorldVentures, Melanie has finally achieved a National Marketing Director position. “It’s a humbling experience knowing that friends who’ve joined and locked arms with me believed not only in me but in themselves to win,” she says. They’re becoming such great leaders and creating many more great leaders on their teams. No one becomes successful alone.  When you help others achieve their dreams, yours comes along with it. I believe when you do the right thing all the time, God will provide. I just thank WorldVentures, Wayne Nugent and everyone who never gave up on their dreams so that we can live ours as well.”

Melanie believes the key to her WV success has been treating it as a full-time business. “What business do you know that opens every other day or once a week?” she challenges. “Imagine you joined and it cost $100,000. Treat it like a business and the income will come. Stay consistent!  And, more importantly, never quit! As Wayne Gretzky said, ‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.’ If you really think about how simple this concept is and just do it over and over again until you win, all your dreams can become a reality.”

by Scott Kramer

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Melanie Levitz grew up in S. Florida, learning all things ‘not’ to do. She wanted something different, so shortly after high school, she joined the military. During her military career, a friend introduced her to a home-based business that changed her life.

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