How This Network Marketing Specialist Was Able To Replace the Income She Made Within 12 Years in the Air Force in Less Than 3 Years

Network Marketing is a term most people do not understand. When you know how it works, it can create the ability to do everything, and the freedom to do nothing. This concept allows a person to join a company and provide a service or product through a network of distributors for growth. This business model has a the potential to create a residual income that generates an abundance of freedom!

Melanie Levitz was introduce to Network Marketing at age 28, and like most people, she had no idea of what potential lied ahead. When she saw the opportunity to travel the world, at highly discounted rates, while sharing the idea with her friends and family on a part-time basis, she assumed she would make only a couple hundred dollars here and there to pay off debt and take more vacations. Melanie’s plan was to retire the Air Force after 20 years and begin her journey in real estate. It was discovered only 15 months later that her plans for military retirement would change drastically.

Education is the Key to Success

Education is vital in any area of interest that you wish to achieve. Melanie knew this right away when she joined her first company. She educated herself through the systems that were in place. She followed the system, studied the YouTube videos that were available, and most importantly she attended all training events the company offered. With the tools, testimonies, and concepts the trainers provided, Melanie took action.

Knowledge is only powerful with action, and ACTION is just what Melanie took in order to replace her 12 year Air Force income in only 15 months in Network Marketing!

Inviting Friends and Family

Network Marketing is a concept of sharing. When you find a product or service you have an absolute passion for sharing it becomes fun. Melanie found it simple to share her passion for the travel industry with her friends, family, and people she met along the way.

The numbers never lie! She understood in order to become financially free she would have to show “enough” people who would say YES to travel. Through training she was taught that the average person would say yes 30% of the time. That means for every 10 people she shared this with 3 would say yes the first time they’ve seen it. After understanding the math it became simple enough: it didn’t matter how many people she would show, just that she would show “enough”.


Melanie’s passion for travel made sharing it with others fun. They say, “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”. Traveling the world, and helping others do it for less, made sharing her service with others enjoyable.

Scheduling your calendar with appointments for people to learn about your Network Marketing Company is very important. Just like any traditional business you must create a schedule that allows you the time to teach others what
you are offering. Every Sunday she looks through her calendar (on her iPhone) and determines what time slots she has available to meet with people. Create a habit, just as you have with your current career.


Every company has a system to follow, follow the simple system and you’ll be successful. In order to enroll others into your service or product it is important you understand this step.

When enrolling your friends and family, help them understand what they are receiving, and teach them the process, especially if they choose to build a network of distributors. As Melanie enrolls people she makes sure the new member applies their knowledge right away and utilizes the service upon joining. It is vital that the new member experiences the service or product immediately. If the member chooses to build a network of distributors then Melanie also shows them how to enroll for the next training event that is available.

Educate & Repeat

As mentioned earlier, education is vital to everything you wish to achieve success. Understanding your product or service and learning how to build a massive global team of distributors only comes when applying your knowledge into action.

Melanie’s company offers 4 National Events (in every continent) and 6-10 regional events within 20-30 states and countries per year. Along with team trainings locally or online to help everyone succeed. Melanie attends every event, no matter what, because she understands how important it is to always continue her education.

An acronym frequently used in her company is ISEE; Invite, Share, Enroll, and Educate. REPEAT!

Choose carefully who you surround yourself with as they say, your income is the average of the top 5 people within your circle of friends.

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